A lot of crypto projects use complicated tokenomics that end up being nothing more than "take money from Peter to pay Paul". In short, ponzinomics or, as we like to call it, circular funding. Our plan is to break the mold by providing Real Yield.

We are going to coordinate multiple revenue streams, such as liquidity farming, bot trading, staking and more to generate constant income which will be paid out to holders in the form of stablecoins. This way, holders can simply buy and reap the rewards that come from real revenue generation.

Our goal is simple, yet we feel it exists in DeFi in very few instances: we want to provide a straightforward end-user experience by creating an ecosystem which handles all the complex tasks in the back end so that you, the user, don't have to.

This means as a RAYFI token holder you can just sit back and watch as the rewards are reaped for you. There are no complicated processes or hiding things behind curtains of confusion or roundabout tokenomics.

Looking at recent systems within the crypto space we have seen amazing advancements in the ways projects have attempted to reinvent the wheel. However, the same problem remains as the vast majority of them ends up moving funds in circles, sometimes even hiding actual issues for the benefit of major investors or the team itself while average investors foot the bill. We will be changing this structure and our goal is to remain transparent and upfront with our community to ensure that you never feel out of the loop regarding what is happening.

Our aim is simplicity, our system is RayFi.

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