Risk Management

How do we plan on creating a safe ecosystem?

  • Multi-Sig on all wallets that handle funds:

    • Treasury

    • RAY

    • ESG Wallet

  • Doxing/KYC anyone that handles funds or code.

  • AUDIT and KYC have been completed by SolidProof

How do we plan on keeping RAY Safe from risk?

While risk is always a part of the market and losses can and will occur we are looking at mitigating them as much as possible and these are the strategies we will be implementing to accomplish this:

  • Thoroughly (re-)validate investments/projects to ensure long term stability

  • Avoid long term staking to ensure we can remain liquid

  • Even if taking smaller gains avoid locking funds when farming Liquidity Pools

  • Focus on small consistent returns on stable projects vs large moonshot returns

  • Diversifying investments on different platforms/projects/pools/blockchains

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