Strategies for earning with RAYFI

  • Hold RAYFI and get paid in stablecoins rewards directly to your wallet

  • Stake RAYFI and your stablecoin payouts will be converted to whatever token is associated with the vault. The RAYFI Auto-Reinvest Vault will allow a staker to bypass the buy fee.

Lockless Vaults with NO Fees

We wanted to provide something different to the holders to ensure that they receive benefits over punishment. With this we have created Lockless Vaults which ensure holders can freely stake and unstake as much or as little as they want, in any vault at any time! To make this even sweeter there are NO FEES for staking/unstaking! This is our way of providing benefits to holders that want to make changes on the fly. Most projects will never implement something like this as they want you to lock down your tokens or have to wait to recoup the cost of staking. We want to give the flexibility back to the holder and let them do what they want with their tokens!

These first two reward strategies will be available right on launch.

By default RAYFI will always pay out stablecoin rewards from our Mid Risk RAY Model which will be sent directly into your wallet. We are looking to add additional RAY Models as time goes on to allow you, the holder, to be paid out in the ways you prefer. Examples of such are:

  • Low Risk Stablecoin Vault - Low Risk RAY Model

  • Low Risk Stablecoin Reinvest - Low Risk RAY Model

  • High Risk Stablecoin Vault - High Risk RAY Model

  • High Risk Stablecoin Reinvest - High Risk RAY Model

  • ETH Vault

  • BTC Vault

  • BNB Vault

  • Other Blue Chip Vaults

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