Potential Reward Payout APY

We are unable to guarantee a specific APY as we will be farming rewards rather than just minting or promising an APY we cannot actually accomplish. Our numbers will be lower but more realistic and based on actual market trends. We want our holders to know we consider Prisma to be a diverse blue chip reward farming token and we will not be putting funds into risky plays. Based on our current returns the following values take into account the possibilities of both bearish and bullish markets:

Monthly Returns between: 0.35% - 8%*

How did we get these numbers?

What we did is tested various vaults/lending/liquidity pools and trading bots to develop a rough average of our historical rewards earned via those various farming methods. We continue to refine and test these reward bearing farms to allow for sustained long term growth within the RayFi Ecosystem.

How do we determine payouts and what happens if there is a negative payout period?

Part of our goal is to have a diversified enough system that allows us to pay out at least something during each payment cycle. What this means is we don't have all of our eggs in one basket. So even if the market is trending negatively we can still provide the rewards generated to holders without having to touch the initial deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: As we gather more data and can run accurate numbers based on our actual returns we will be adjusting/updating these numbers going forward.

*These numbers are based on historical values and are not a promise of guaranteed rewards. They may fluctuate or change based on market trends.

*Please take into account these numbers are for the sake of example.

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