Reward Generation

Some of the Pools we are considering

We will be using multiple strategies that will be updated as time goes on to earn consistent rewards with as little lock up as possible to ensure we remain fluid within our system.

Single Vaults Farming:

Stablecoin staking and Lending:

We plan on using multiple strategies such as stablecoin lending and staking to further increase our capacity to earn rewards long term.

Liquidity Pool Farming:

Blue Chip V3 LP:

We plan on using both PancakeSwap and UniSwap V3 pools to allow us greater control of what we're calling focused liquidity. This will allow us to bring in and generate higher and more consistent yield with daily management to ensure it stays within ranges we deem acceptable. We will be releasing our exact pools once we have them invested. These pools will contain both Major Blue Chip tokens as well as Stablecoins to ensure we're balancing the strategies going forward.

Bot Farming:

Please keep in mind bot farming has the highest volatility and while our current system has been generating these returns that doesn't mean they will always fall within this range. We will continue to provide updates regarding these as time goes on.

Low Risk Bot Farming:

Our low risk bot has been able to trade successfully drawing in around 2-3% per month with virtually zero draw down. We are extremely excited to build upon this further while maintaining a safe and steady source of revenue from this method.

Medium Risk Bot Farming:

With this strategy we've been able to see returns from 0.25% per day to as high as 0.70% per day. On average this is roughly from 8% per month to 24% per month. While we are still steadily working to ensure that this is something we can sustain long term the results have been absolutely tremendous and we will be funding this slowly to ensure everything works according to our expectations.

Dollar Cost Averaging


We plan on purchasing Blue Chip as well as Partner tokens to buy and hold long term, potentially staking them to earn additional rewards. We firmly believe that major cryptocurrencies will go up in the long run and our goal is to be on top of the next bull runs.

As an example $2,000 invested in CAKE at $1.80 would be worth just over $49,000 at its all time high of $44.18.

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